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Berloni: Two exceptional kitchen series featuring creative cookspace design

Berloni presents two exceptional kitchen series, both designed to celebrate the beauty of cookspace design and timeless craftsmanship.

Image Credit: Berloni (Malaysia)

Canova celebrates kitchen design, redefining cookspaces into a form of artistic expression. Where architecture marks the time and place, accompanied by the evolution and progress of society, location affects the way in which the organisation of the space is conceived. Canova takes a cue from this and brings forth the inspiration from Miami Beach, Portocervo, Cancùn, and Dubai to express the harmony of nature with the construction, the balance between internal and external spaces, translating these into experience and added value in terms of quality of living, one moment at a time.

Image Credit: Berloni (Malaysia)

Vintage Atmosphere
Discover the exceptional beauty of the Milano Spiga kitchen collection from Berloni. Featuring natural wood and the metal finishes, this kitchen masterpiece offers a distinctive vintage atmosphere to complement contemporary interior spaces. With this series, terminal corner units, open units, bookcases and free standing cupboards evoke a timeless atmosphere that comes with strong and recognizable features – all thanks to excellent craftmanship.

Image Credit: Berloni (Malaysia)

S220, 2nd Floor
The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

+603 4141 7662

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Bold & Chic

This sophisticated dwelling by Space In Design is a breath of fresh air in the world of interior design.

The talents at Space In Design continue to push the boundaries of their craft – by infusing this home with daring yet fashionable vibes. Unconventional furnishing, décor and lighting complement one another, resulting in an ultra-chic living space.

In the living room, the sofa provides plush comfort for those who wish to unwind in front of the television. An interchange of black and white panels complete this home entertainment centre. The monochromatic setting changes at the adjoining space, where another chill-out zone awaits. Beneath a magenta-lit ceiling, pastel-coloured couches are arranged stylishly on the wooden flooring.

Image Credit: Space In Design

The dining area, kitchen and bedrooms feature equally distinctive craftsmanship. One of these design highlights is a wall near the kitchen. Rectangular shelves adorn this space, forming a tasteful work of art. There are more artistic masterpieces like this throughout the residence. In their own special ways, these elements are breathtakingly gorgeous and will resonate in the hearts of trendsetting hipsters.

Space In Design Sdn Bhd
No. 38-1, Jalan Mahogani 1/KS7
Bandar Botanic
11200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3325 4918
+603 3325 5918
+6016 630 8918
Space In Design Sdn Bhd

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Beautiful Ideas to Decorate with Cushions | Decorative Pillows

Beautiful Ideas to Decorate with Oversized Lamps

Fantastic Modern House, Sharp Architectural Details - Eclectic Interior Design

Signature Kitchen offers a series of furniture that blends elegantly with modern spaces.

Renowned for their exquisite collection of designer kitchens, Signature Kitchen now leads the way with the latest living concepts and designs that will delight discerning individuals looking for an aesthetically designed home feature to match their personality and lifestyles. Delve into their latest series of Signature Living furniture pieces, crafted with pure passion for beauty and style.

The Bed
Integrating wood in the bedroom is a wonderful way to creating a close-to-nature ambience as wood furniture is comfortable and pleasing to the sight. This bed is designed to fit into your cosy bedroom while offering a stylistic element. With its tall headboard upholstered with lovely button design, the bed looks absolutely elegant accompanied by two suspended side tables.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The TV Cabinet
Based on the concept of new modernity, this suspended TV cabinet flatters with its simple lines and serves up a contemporary appeal. It is quintessentially a versatile piece of accessory that complements various concepts of cosmopolitan living.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The Writing Desk
With its sleek façade, this desk provides modern form and function while resting atop metal legs. Equipped with two slim drawers, this piece will be an epitome of your tasteful personality and at the same time, blend seamlessly into your room design.

Image Credit: Signature Kitchen

The Signature Experience
It all starts with Signature’s ‘Service Promise’ – which takes care of you from the first cup of coffee when you walk in, right up to a proper handover and cleaning service upon the completion of your purchase, to ensure that all customers are fully satisfied. The journey of your purchase does not end when your item has been delivered; you still get to enjoy benefits and privileges via the Signature Privilege Card Program.

Signature Kitchen Showroom
No. 22, Jalan Kampong Attap
50460 Kuala Lumpur

Other Outlets

1 800 88 0009

Signature Kitchen Official

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7 Ways to Disguise Your TV in Your Living Room

The television is considered by many to be a staple of the living room, but some may want it stowed when it is not in use, or reduce its visual prominence simply because those screens can sometimes overwhelm design schemes by being too large for a certain space. We extracted the following tips from our resident decorators to help make your television blend seamlessly with the décor, or to completely hide it from view and make it a space-saving pop-up entertainment feature of your home.

1. A Dark Background
Mount your television on a wall painted (or wallpapered) in a dark colour to make the edges of the screen blend in with the background.

When mounted on a black wall, a television will disappear when turned off. Image Credit: GDY Design & Construction

2. Horizontal Lines and Shelving
Incorporate a series of horizontal lines on the wall around where your television is mounted. The horizontal lines of accents can limit the size of your television, making the screen seem smaller.

The horizontal lines of the shelves on the wall seem to shrink the television, incorporating the screen as though it was just another object on display. Image Credit: X Two Concept

3. The Rule of Three / Thirds
The rule of three / thirds is a guiding principle of arrangement used to compose everything from literary works to visual images. In the context of obscuring your television, this guideline can be used to diminish the visual impact of the black screen by arranging it near two other points of interest, such as speakers or decorations.

Mount the television on a dark wall, then add decorations or speakers on either side of the screen to reduce its perceived width, make it less visually conspicuous, and widen the space. Image Source

4. Matching Accents

The rule of three / thirds can be extended beyond decorations to include accents on the wall around the television. An accent paired and matched with a television can also help to balance out the visual focus and direct the eye away from the screen.

The addition of two decorative features (niches in this instance) alongside the television draws visual attention away from the screen. Image Credit: Mode Interior

The positioning of this television next to the matching wall-mounted shelf and console unit reduces the visual prominence of the screen. Image Credit: Jashen Interior Design

5. Reflective Surfaces
Surround your television with mirrors or other reflective accents to reduce the weight of the screen’s own reflections. Or go all out for a specialty artisanal television mirror to fully disguise a screen as a decorative looking glass.

This television is bordered by large mirrors which reduce the visual impact of the screen’s reflections. Image Credit: Jashen Interior Design

6. Cabinets and Doors
Mount your television in a cabinet or niche and fix some sliding or folding covers in the form of curtains or doors. When not in use, the television can be covered up and hidden completely. While the effect requires the skilled hands of a carpenter, the result is an effective and aesthetically pleasing form of coverage for the screen.

This television can be hidden by closing the sliding doors on either side of the media unit. Image Credits: Homlux Interior Furnishing

7. Artful Camouflage
Choose a television that can double as a piece of art, then surround it by other decorative pieces to create an artsy mural to hide the screen. With something like Samsung’s The Frame, complete camouflage among framed artworks can be maintained with the television on Art Mode.

Complete camouflage of your television as a piece of framed art can be achieved with Samsung’s The Frame, pictured hiding here while sporting the optional walnut bezel. Image Credit: Samsung Electronics

Article by Kevin Eichenberger

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