Saturday, July 30, 2016

id Tips: Dining Room Must Have

1. Warm Palette
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Crimson red and cherry pink tend to stimulate conversation and appetite, whilst the cheery tone of yellow and spices promote good mood and energy. If you want a richer effect than mere paint, consider other wall covering solutions such as beautiful wallpapers for a desirable atmosphere.

2. Comfortable seating
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Now who doesn’t enjoy a proper chair to relax in while enjoying a hearty dinner and good conversation? Depending on the size of your chairs, allow a significant distance from the surrounding walls or other furniture that may get in the way.

3. Adjustable seating
Always remember, owning a table that offers more than one size will do your good. Also when it comes to buying dining room chairs, invest in an extra pair. You may use them as occasional chairs when you aren’t entertaining in the dining room.

4. Flexible lighting
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It’d best to have adjustable lighting as different occasions require different lighting. Give yourself the option to dim the chandelier if you need to, or use a set of luminaries or wall sconces for warmer ambient lighting. If you sense that your chandelier is too bright, add some adaptable shades to cover the candles.

5. Wall art and mirrors
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Like it or not,wall art is a must for every dining room outfit. It adds colour and can boosts the ambiance of the room. Mirrors, as we all know, add dimension and enlarge any room. In the dining room, mirrors will reflect the existing light.

6. Candles and flowers
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Give your dining room a warm, soft touch with candles, or lighten it up with a beautiful bunch of flowers. You may consider plastic flowers and artificial greenery for easier upkeep, but real flowers will bring out more beauty and class.

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